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Re-connecting the UK and EU

Since the UK’s departure from the EU, a new customs border has existed between the two jurisdictions.

The AVASK global expansion programme is designed to simplify the customs and logisitcs processes between the UK and EU, ensuring you can continue to trade across the border.

The Emblem of the AVASK Group of Companies

An advanced global expansion solution…

Rapidly connect and transit parcels from your stock fulfilment centre through the AVASK global expansion partner network, to its destination in either the UK or the EU. We have selected to work with the best operators, who will ensure that your shipments transition across the UK-EU border effotlessly, and you will be kept up-to-date with email notifications at every step of the way.

Using our advanced automated software solution to your shipping and logistics needs, you can book a shipment, specify the destination, clear the customs border and your parcel will continue onwards to its final destination. This solution is designed to work with Online Marketplaces, including our founding partner Amazon, allowing you to re-stock fulfilment centres in either the EU or UK quickly and efficiently.

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Register to start your journey…

The AVASK global expansion portal is quick and easy to navigate. Simply click on the registration link below, to set up your account today. Once we have received your registration form, we will start undertaking our required credit and AML checks, which are a legal requirement and a part of our account activation process.

Once we have verified your account, you will receive a notification from AVASK to finalise the setup of your account. Follow these instructions to quickly activate your account. You can also watch our video to find out more…